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They’re taking baby steps.

Letter by letter, page by page, they’re finding the beauty in Torah again.

And, hand in hand, they’re moving on.

Finding happiness.

Accepting jobs.

Getting married.

Building Torah homes.

What is more precious than that?

ישיבת אבני קודש


Yeshivat Avnei Kodesh was founded in 2015 by Rav Chaim and Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, who saw the need for a specialized environment that caters to the needs of young men from observant homes who haven’t found in their place in the mainstream yeshiva framework.

At the yeshiva, individualized Torah learning is encouraged. A daily class in Gemara and Halacha is delivered in the study hall and Rav Chaim Mizrachi shlit”a delivers a weekly shiur, as well.

The yeshiva schedule incorporates Torah study with hands-on activities such as working with animals and tending to the gardens.

At Avnei Kodesh, the main emphasis is on providing a warm, loving environment. Its dedicated staff is available to provide guidance and support to any area in life a student may be struggling in—be it academic, social, emotional, etc. To this end, our facilities remain open even during the months of summer vacation for those students who find it difficult or impossible to reside elsewhere.

Our goal at Avnei Kodesh is to prepare our students for a stable, fulfilling life.

In the merit of the holy work of Rav Chaim and his Rabbanit Yemima, as well as the devoted staff, our students have graduated stronger, happier, and more connected to themselves, their families, and their Judaism.

Partner with Us

And be a part of holy work

מי אנחנו
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האבנים הללו יקרות, מאד!

   עזרו לנו במלאכת הצורפות...

We’re dependent on your support!

תמוך בנו

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American Friends of Yeshiva Avnei Kodesh Inc.

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Far Rockaway, NY 11691

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Yeshivat Avney Kodesh

Aminadav, Israel

Telephone: 054-6267100 | 073-7301724


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