Pidyon Nefesh


Grab the Opportunity to Donate to the Yeshiva through a Pidyon Nefesh!


About Pidyon Nefesh:

“A pidyon is what sweetens judgment and saves from all tzarot, because the essence of healing is through a pidyon. The words, 'And the Healer will heal,’ has the same numerical value as 'pidyon nefesh.’”

(Likutei Moharan 2:3)


“It’s recommended that one accustom himself to donate a pidyon at all times, in order to sweeten the judgement from Above. Even if he has no illness and there is no hardship in his home, it’s good to do a pidyon every once in a while, in order to prevent illness and hardships, chas veshalom. 

(Likutei Eitzot, Pidyon 4)


In the Sefer “Beit Din” it is written: “In the current days of repentance, a person should redeem his soul and the souls of his family through charity, because this is a great segulah, and a pidyon has the ability to prevent death among the gedolei hador so they shouldn't die due to the sins of the generation.”


The mekubal Rav Chaim Mizrachi shlit”a, the Rosh Yeshiva of Avnei Kodesh and a close disciple of the great Rav Zion Bracha zt”l, who invested himself all his life in Torah Hasod, will do the pidyon nefesh, according to the sodot of kabbalah, on behalf of every individual who donates 160 NIS to the yeshiva.


May you be blessed from Above and merit salvation in every way!

Ours and theirs—are yours!

למוסד אישור מס הכנסה לעניין התרומות לסעיף 46 לפקודה

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בני ציון היקרים, אבני קודש

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